Celery juice – sweet benefits from a bitter glassful

Just until a few weeks back, probably the most exciting way to have a celery stick was with your glass of cocktail. But this crisp little accompaniment has taken center stage now, as health and fitness fanatics are squeezing out all the goodness it has to offer. Kim Kardashian claims to rely on it for her psoriasis while Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell, for immunity. But there are millions of others who add celery juice to their diets for overall health and fitness. So much is the popularity that during the recent cold spell there were Facebook groups that had people complaining about celery being out of stock when they wanted to make some soup; celery juice enthusiasts had bought it all up!

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The Insta story

Who would’ve thought, after avocado and matcha it would be celery! Since it took social media by storm, the wellness set has been starting their days with a glass of celery juice hoping for better health. Started and promoted by Anthony William – an author of three New York Times bestseller books on natural food cures – the trend now has a loyal fanbase that includes celebrities mentioned earlier. However, as the disclaimer on his website reads, William has no medical or nutrition certificates and claims he can “read” people’s diagnoses and calls himself a ‘medical medium’.

What snowballed into a rage on Instagram was really the response William got for his posts advocating this “miracle superfood”. His recommended dosage of 16 ounces of celery juice first thing in the morning claims to have potent healing benefits that include better gut health, clear skin, flushing out viruses and even fighting cancer. Several of his ‘followers’ are vouching for these claims and even posting and reposting positive feedback. Today, with close to one million Instagram posts with #CeleryJuice, #CeleryJuiceChallenge is also picking up swiftly.

Does it work?

Most health experts suggest that the fact that celery juice is 60 percent water makes it a refreshing drink in the morning – there’s nothing more to it. However, it cannot be denied that it IS high in vitamin K – a nutrient known to promote bone and heart health. Also, the fact that it contains other micronutrients like magnesium, potassium, and phthalides, apart from being a diuretic, may actually contribute to it being helpful for high blood pressure sufferers.

With its high flavonoid and polyphenol content, it cannot be denied that celery is an antioxidant powerpack – enough reason to believe the tall health claims, even though much research would be required to validate them. Celery also contains a bioactive compound called apigenin which is known to reduce stomach inflammation and even breast cancer risk, and luteolin that has a role to play in prostate cancer risk reduction.

Celery Juice benefits

Should you try it?

Though we await celery juice-targeted solid medical research results, there is certainly no harm in starting your day with a glassful (unless you are allergic or intolerant). Starting your day with fresh celery juice (fresh being the keyword here) – naturally low in sugar and high in vitamin A, C, and folic acid, needless to say, is the magic potion to better health. Those aiming for weight loss will also be happy to learn that the high water content makes you feel full for a long time.

Even though we aren’t suggesting in any way that it’s medicine or a cure, it’ll be fun to note health improvements (if any) with a glass of celery juice in addition to your regular diet (not replacing it). And if you cannot stomach pure celery juice, your taste buds may love a dash of mint and lemon.

*Note: Kindly check with your health expert in case of any discomfort on consuming any foods. Best to avoid in case of known allergies/intolerances.

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