Georgina Shaffer

Meet Georgina: Business owner, wife, mom, yogi, twin, and mermaid!

Little did I know that one of the darkest times of my life would be the beginning of some of the brightest. A hip injury and the subsequent medical bills left my family in medical bankruptcy and feeling stuck. We reluctantly sold all of our belongings and returned to my home country of Mexico. However, my son missed his friends and life in America and after a short time we realized that we had to return and find a way to start over.

While at home in Puerto Vallarta, I developed an interest in paddle boarding and wondered if I could combine my love of paddle boarding and yoga into a business in the US. It was a lot of hard work, but I created one of the first stand up paddle board(SUP) yoga businesses in the Seattle area. At Azul Sup & Yoga we teach SUP yoga, Indo Board(which simulates the paddle board experience indoors), Yoga, and Barre classes. I was honored to be invited to help other studio owners setup Indo studios and classes in Amsterdam and London. One of the most amazing things that has helped me along the way is the support and inspiration that I have felt from the local fitness and blogging community. If I could provide any advice to other women entrepreneurs it would be to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs and supportive women. Don't worry about what you look like or what others think. Envision your future self experiencing successful and you will make it happen!

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