Kristina Rodriguez-Fowle

Kristina is an athletic and vibrant new mom from NYC. Getting back on her bike was just what she needed to start feeling like herself again. Read more about Kristina below:

I was involved in sports my entire childhood. My father was my biggest fan. I look back on his encouragement when I need a push to keep going. As an adult, cycling has had a huge impact on my body image. Six years ago, I got a too-small cruiser bike and rode it with my bright hair and fun outfits. Every mile, group ride, bike tour, a bridge crossed, and boro-hop that I accomplished made me realize that my body was strong and capable. That confidence brought me to my work in bicycle advocacy and street safety here in NY.

When I became pregnant, I kept riding my bike! I felt fit through the whole 9 months. After giving birth, my weight crept up to 300lbs, I had hypertension, my feet and ankles had massive swelling, and my C-section left my body in bad shape. That first bike ride at 6 months postpartum sucked. But it made me feel like ME again, so I pushed through, and I'm back to my level of fitness pre-baby. I feel even stronger because yoga and weight lifting complement cycling very well!

Now my routine includes spin sessions. I am trying to keep my fitness up for when I go back to courier work in spring. Bikes are my first love, so I always find myself going back to my bike when nothing else seems to be progressing. Yoga has proven to be the best medicine for my anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It has helped me re-learn my body after having a baby. I plan on teaching yoga in the future with a focus on pain management and sports. I want to give back to my beloved #bikenyccommunity and make them better riders physically and mentally. I also want to help people who were recently injured, or chronic pain sufferers, like my mother, live life again.

If you are a new mom, go easy on yourself! I am so thankful for my husband and close circle of friends. If you need help: ask. There is no shame in it, rather great strength. Find something you enjoy, something that gives you an escape from mom life.

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