How to Deal With Self-doubt and Stress

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We know girlfriend that you got everything under control. You are going full swing, getting ready for 2018. Running around taking care of things, working around the clock and house, kids, work, grocery, shopping, wrapping holiday gifts. Suddenly you realize that you have not gone to the gym for past 1 week. So instead of feeling guilty, we recommend that you take a breather and relax. Be kind to yourself as you have been carrying the weight of the world. Holidays were rough enough you do not want the stress again. Here are our few tips

  • Don't sweat on small stuff. Stop stressing about things that are not burning your house down. Prioritize your tasks so you can focus on most important things. Getting the broken fridge repaired is more important than the unmade bed. You get the point ..right :)
  • Stop feeling guilty about things that you could not get too. You have limited time in a day and if you did not check off all the things on the list it's OK. Life happens point is you gave it all.
  • You will have days when you got it all and there will be days all hell broke loose. Don't lose your patience, in the end, everything works out. Work on one thing at a time. Divide and conquer the tasks.
  • Go and workout. Exercise is the best stress reliever.
  • Last but not the least say something positive to yourself when your brain starts to drift towards negative talks. That is the moment you can turn everything around in just a few seconds.

Try these pointers and share with TEMA Athletics your tips on how to deal with stress and self doubt :)

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