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Gift it away...

We are gearing up for the holidays and the new year resolution. Our new high-waist compressions leggings are soft and comfortable. Perfect for gifting and for yourself. Sweet positive metallic mantra inside the waistband to get your day started right. Has big pockets to hold your big phones. Our Biker Unleash bra is made of high-quality fabric. Giving you the support you need. Comes in Black and navy color. In the picture above 1) Black High Waist Compression Leggings 2) Black and White Marigold High Waist Compression Leggings 3) Dreamer Unleashed Strappy Bra  

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TEMA Athletics Winter Whites For The Holidays

Our winter whites are perfect to wear during holiday season as well as neutral enough to be worn into Spring and Summer 1) Mesh Illusion Tee. Sheer top to show of strappy bras but gives coverage around the waist. 2) Mantra High Low Tank. Perfect tank for any activity. It a snow leopard print. 3) Rose Gold Gladiator V-Neck Tee. Gorgeous Rose Gold foil work. Wear to Zumba or Yoga. Versatile piece. 4)  Long Sleeves Mesh Tee. Classy sexy with sheer back to show off your strappy bra. 5)  Rockstar Pullover. Made of softest fabric. You will not want to come out of this pullover. Used for layering for before and after workouts.      

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