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Low impact exercises

Low impact exercises, as the name suggests, are low-intensity exercises where one of your feet is always on the ground. These workouts do not involve pounding or too much force on the lower joints, thus making them low impact. There are a lot of people who cannot do strength training and high impact exercises and therefore low impact exercise suits them the best. Pregnant women, people with osteoporosis, older people and people with muscle and bone injuries benefit the best from these exercises. Even if you don’t fall in any of the above categories, incorporating low impact exercises in your regime can help you add variety to your workouts. Listed below are some of the low impact exercises you can...

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Benefits Of Having An Active Lifestyle

What do you think of when you hear “active lifestyle?” Most people associate it with physical benefits when in reality there is much beyond that to having an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle is a great way to have some you-time. Imagine taking a break from that stressful day at home by going on a short walk in a park, or meditating with the soft ring of a gong in the background… because it is all about YOU. Exercise provides stress relief in ways unimaginable, by letting go of all the negative energy and allowing yourself to be you in those vivid moments. Studies have shown that exercise sharpens your memory and enhances your ability to learn new things. So,...

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