Top 8 quotes to get by rough times

Let's face it no matter how great you are doing, sometimes life get's to you. We collected our top 8 quotes to get through rough times. Don't sweat things in past. Learn your lesson and move along Sometimes life doesn't go the way you planned. So go along  Sometimes self-doubt takes over. Push those thoughts aside as you are where you are supposed to be. If this is something you love to do just keep going. Enjoy the journey. Follow your heart and do things that make you happy. You can not keep doing the same thing every day and expect different results                      Difficulties and struggles will shape you and bring out the hidden potential.   ...

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Sue Spencer

Meet Sue, Also known as, Beastmode Grandma!Sue is 62 and a competitive Olympic Weightlifter.When Sue first joined a gym, her goals were to gain strength and improve her health. She was 58 and realized that she hadn’t been putting herself first. At the gym, she discovered herself again and gained a whole lot more in the process. Sue was lucky enough to be partnered with a trainer(Tall Paul) who was passionate about strength training and functional fitness. Sue quickly gained strength and found herself losing weight by pairing her workouts with some nutritional changes. Sue discovered that she was STRONG! She could do dead lifts, bench presses, and overhead squats. Having lost a lot of weight and developing a great...

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Christina Mannarino

Introducing Christina! Christina discovered that the support of online communities helped her to crush her fitness goals. Now she is inspiring others. Here is her story: I have been overweight for my entire life and I felt like I never fit in physically or socially. I was always the biggest kid in the class. I was bullied from 1st grade until college and because of that I suffered deeply with depression. In 2011, I lost 4 family members in 8 months. I finally broke all the way and let go of myself completely. When I was 23, I hit my highest weight of 296lbs. I was miserable and unhealthy. I decided it was time to make a change. I started...

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Kristina Rodriguez-Fowle

Kristina is an athletic and vibrant new mom from NYC. Getting back on her bike was just what she needed to start feeling like herself again. Read more about Kristina below:I was involved in sports my entire childhood. My father was my biggest fan. I look back on his encouragement when I need a push to keep going. As an adult, cycling has had a huge impact on my body image. Six years ago, I got a too-small cruiser bike and rode it with my bright hair and fun outfits. Every mile, group ride, bike tour, a bridge crossed, and boro-hop that I accomplished made me realize that my body was strong and capable. That confidence brought me to my...

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Katy Taylor

Meet Katy!Katy is a business owner, fitness instructor, birth educator, leader. athlete, mom, wife, and an inspiration and friend to many. Here is Katy's story: I first heard about Stroller Strides while sitting in a parent support group with my six month old baby. As I sat there, back hurting, posture garbage, and not feeling confident or comfortable with the body I was in, it hit me that I needed to get stronger. It never occurred to me to think I needed to lose weight, or "look good in a bikini". Only that I needed to be stronger and I wanted more energy. And here was this other mom, standing in front of our group, singing "Wheels on the Bus"...

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