Ambassadors 2018

Our brand ambassadors are vibrant, active, and talented women. They are students, moms, instructors, and leaders. Each of them works actively in their communities to bring the joys of fitness, movement, and self-love to others. We are so proud to have these amazing women representing TEMA Athletics!

TEMA Athletics Ambassador

Alexis Eggleton

 Alexis is resident of NY 


Jenni Crutcher

Lives in Snohomish, WA and loves the Pacific Northwest - including the rain. She works full time in sales and services. Past couple of years she has dedicated her life on health and fitness.  Her focus now is to live a balanced lifestyle that includes healthy foods, activity and the occasional treat (craft beer, ice cream, pizza).
Jenni enjoys running, walking, kayaking.  

TEMA Athletics Ambassador

Christina Mannarino

Christina live outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband and two fur babies! She is an Interior Designer and a Weight Watchers Leader! Her favorite workouts are Zumba and running!


TEMA Athletics Ambassador

Jenni Davis

Jenni lives on the outskirts of Houston Texas. She is a mother of two beautiful children and is married to her best friend from past 5 years. In 2017 she started a health and wellness journey which let to better health and self confidence for her. She took her first Cycle Class in January and found her passion! She has set a goal for herself in 2018 to complete 183 total workouts! She has gotten way over 40 workouts in this year.



TEMA Athletics Ambassador

Ashley D.


TEMA Athletics Ambassador

Sabrina Sulek

Sabrina Sulek is very passionate about fitness and helping to encourage and inspire others to make positive changes in their life’s. Being a stay at home mom she strongly believes it’s important to take time for yourself. By doing this she believes you will be able to give the best version of yourself to your family and friends. In her free time she loves running Her photography business, connecting with other like minded health and fitness individuals on instagram (@SS_GetsStrong) and spending time with her family and friends.

TEMA Athletics Ambassador

Brit Nelson

Brit is a native of Wisconsin. She loves all 4 seasons there. She works as a medical assistant, cosmetologist, and a Weight Watchers Leader. She started her weightloss journey 3 years back and with the help of Weight Watchers and Zumba, she lost 71 pounds. She loves Zumba and the fun upbeat music and the dance moves. She is a strong believer in finding something one enjoys as that will help one be successful with their goals. She enjoys watching TV and movies. She also loves going on walks with my husband and her beagle Scouty.
TEMA Athletics Ambassador

Chasi Jernigan

Chasi is a resident of  Tupelo, Mississippi. She has been married for almost 13 years and has 2 amazing boys. She is a plus size fitness instructor, online motivator. She is the creator and editor of, a fitness and lifestyle blog for plus size women. Her passion is to empower plus size women to embrace fitness. Her mantra is "Fitness Has No Size". Her goal is to empower plus size women to love who they are at this very moment and not put themselves on layaway, to live after weight loss.You can live your best life today!