Q: Who are you?

Ans: We are just like you! A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an aunt who wants to work out and feel good rather than be obsessed with a size or shape. We represent a woman who wants to learn how to move their body that makes them feel good about themselves. Whether it is a walk with a friend around the neighborhood or a marathon practice. We want to be beside you when you choose YOU! 

Q: Where is the company based at?

Ans: Our Headquarter is in Seattle, WA.

Q: Where are your warehouses?

Ans: We ship out of mainly Silver Spring, MD and occasionally out of Seattle,WA.

Q: Where are your clothes manufactured?

Ans: Our clothes are manufactured all over the world. Turkey, India, China, Vietnam and sometimes sourced from Los Angeles.

Q: Why do you not offer bigger Plus sizes?

Ans: We want to and that is something we are exploring for future.

Q: Why are your seamless leggings small for Plus Sizes?

Ans: This is something we are aware of and are working on. It is mainly due to the machine restrictions that knits the fabric. These machines go by a set diameter and unfortunately bigger size machines are non existent or hard to find. We are exploring few new technologies currently.

Q: Why do you not pay for return shipping?

Ans: With increased overhead and shipping fees it has become a non sustainable business practice for us. We appreciate your understanding and support in this decision.