Message From The CEO

TEMA was founded to acknowledge every woman who has struggled and overlooked her accomplishments to look like someone else.

Through TEMA, I want to honor everyday women who are real life heroes; You.

Being a busy mom myself..

I know you are a working woman who goes out there, invents and invests in businesses. You are a woman in sports who values passion over medals. You are a woman who nurtures her kids and makes them feel loved and cared.

You are a creator, you are a nurturer, you are the illustrator of your life. I see you.

We know you have made sacrifices and now it's time to put you first. We love you and no matter who you are, we want you to LOVE yourself.

There is no difference between your potential and your existence. This brand was created for YOU!!! 

Bhawna Gupta

Founder & CEO


  TEMA Athletics CEO