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Black and White Marigold High Waist Weave Leggings


Add some jazz to your workouts with these stylish, attractive high-waist weave leggings. These offer great functionality, performance, and above all a flattering fit. They offer the perfect motivation to get out there and indulge in physical activity. If you need an additional dose of inspiration, check out the positive mantra inside the waistband!

Enjoy Any Type of Movement

Stretch, squat, jump, jog, sprint, or cycle to your heart’s content. These leggings will only support your movements, whether it’s a mid-day run, intensive cross fit workout, strength training at the gym, or a high-power aerobic or dance class.

It’s time to do away with flimsy workout clothes that tear away at the slightest movement. Our black and white marigold high waist weave leggings are made to last. Plus, they offer great functionality and will help boost your performance with a breathable and 4-way stretch fabric.

Create a Style Statement

In terms of the style, they can make a lasting impression. The weave detail on the sides is flattering and adds subtle detail to a perfectly fit legging. The compression offers a tummy tuck and great shape.

Need a secure zipper pocket to hold your keys, mobile phone, or earphones? These leggings have a zipper pocket at the back that comes with a reflective tape - perfect for holding small but essential items so you have your hands free for a full-fledged workout.

Get Your Size Today!

The high waisted weave leggings are great for a run outside, workout session at the gym, or any fitness activity of your choice. The best part? They’re available in all sizes!

Tema Athletics remains committed to promoting body positivity and health at every size - and we have the catalogue to support our mission!

88% Polyester / 12% Elastane

- Breathable and 4-way stretch

- Zipper pocket at back with reflective tape

- Positive mantra inside the waistband


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