Purple Is the Winner

 TEMA Athletics Purple Activewear Leggings and Tank

During our design meetings, a question came up on why color Purple was one of the most adored colors by our customers. Our designers were put on a task to solve this mystery and learn about this beautiful jewel tone color.

After 3 months of research reading through books, talking to our inner circle and ladies below is the report they came back to us with few insights.

    1. Purple color goes well with any skin color.
    2. Traditionally associated with royalty, Purple feels regal and refined, but at the same time modern and hip.
    3. Versatile and can create an eye-defying illusion that makes one look slimmer after color black
    4. It is romantic and mysterious
    5. A disowned child of red and blue, it is neither warm nor cold. So it goes well all year round.

TEMA Athletics Purple Windows Tank - Plus size too

We did not go further than this and bowed down to this luscious color. You can see this beautiful color sprinkled all through our designs in various shades. We encourage you to make these gorgeous colors part of your workout :)




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