TEMA Athletics

Scallop Lace Yoga Tank

Now $29.99 $50

Get your yoga off to a start that makes you feel strong and sexy with this racerback tank with chevron lace details on the back. The tank says “yoga top”, but the lace says “sensuality” and it gives you feelings of confidence as well as beauty. Just because you’re in yoga clothes doesn’t mean you have to feel like a slob. Likewise, just because you’re feeling beautiful doesn’t mean you can’t relax in this scallop lace yoga tank. Perfect for those days that are all about getting fit and flexible, but also perfect for those days when you’re just looking for something comfortable to slip into that doesn’t make you feel like a mess. 

Made from 4-way stretch and breathable fabric that is perfect for working out, giving you the comfort and calm of a sweatshirt, but with the flexibility and ease-of-movement of yoga clothes. There’s no reason to be uncomfortable in this yoga tank--it makes a statement that you are both hard-working but also not afraid to put your hair up and look good around the house or around the gym. 

For your ease, this is machine washable, so it’s as easy to care for as it is to wear. 

And don’t forget the motivational mantra inside the hem: "Enjoy it all”, reminding you to get through your work while still having a good time.

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