Love For Turquoise Activewear

Here in Seattle, spring means a mirage of blue skies. One second it’s sunny and warm, the next showering and freezing. So we like to bring the sky to our wardrobe. Turquoise is our token of a mirage of clear skies. The color makes us feel light and compliments any skin tone. During the rare summer-like days, this color makes our outfits look dreamy, bringing images of exotic, sea waters to mind. As we go about our busy lives in the office or at home, it makes us feel hopeful, as we start thinking of the warmer days of the summer around the corner. It is a very satisfying color reminding us of vacation apparel in a tropical destination we crave.

TEMA Athletics Turquoise Om Bungee

Rumor has it, it rains in the Pacific Northwest. What?! So the color is a paradox. It makes one stand out with its brightness, yet sort of blends with the rain. It is attractive to the eye, catching the attention of our acquaintances and sprinkling some sunshine into the gloomy side of a Seattle spring. Darker shades of turquoise create a more forest-like combination reminding us of the youth of spring and summer.  

The extravagant color also compliments any basic outfit as an accent color, known here as a “pop of color”. It goes beautifully with greys, whites, and tans, while also making a stunning combination with other shades of blue. High fashion designer shows embrace it by tinting and shading the color and making articles with its varieties. Some of the most stunning combinations are fashioned by combining turquoise with its sister color, emerald. Result--- mermaid-y tropical look, a standout in the cloudy PNW. We like to match the Emerald city with its sister color, embracing our naval roots and evergreen forests.

TEMA Athletics Turquoise Biker Top

Our favorite form of fulfillment and healthy lifestyle is fitness. Fitness fashion is like air to us. Getting your precious body, your home, to go through intense physical training is just so much more satisfying in a cute outfit. Our turquoise tops make you stand out in the sweaty, blandness of the gym and turn your workouts into a fun fashion show. The color is rejuvenating and has a cooling effect, as it reminds you of water with summer-waterfall coloring.
The color is inviting to wear due to its versatility and easy coordination with basic primary tones. It encourages you to go to the gym as a treat rather than a strenuous task. You get to enjoy making your body happy! Double victory!

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