Sue Spencer

Meet Sue, Also known as, Beastmode Grandma!
Sue is 62 and a competitive Olympic Weightlifter.

When Sue first joined a gym, her goals were to gain strength and improve her health. She was 58 and realized that she hadn’t been putting herself first. At the gym, she discovered herself again and gained a whole lot more in the process. Sue was lucky enough to be partnered with a trainer(Tall Paul) who was passionate about strength training and functional fitness. Sue quickly gained strength and found herself losing weight by pairing her workouts with some nutritional changes.

Sue discovered that she was STRONG! She could do dead lifts, bench presses, and overhead squats. Having lost a lot of weight and developing a great strength training routine, Sue could have just continued at the same pace. But she needed a new challenge. She signed up for the BC Provincial Masters Olympic Lifting competition 9 months away. Preparation was challenging. She discovered that Olympic lifting was very detailed and technical. The focus and dedication that was required ended up spilling into all areas of her life. Through the process Sue discovered that she had amazing internal and external strength. This non-athlete found that that she was VERY competitive. Since starting her workout program, she has become healthier, happier, and calmer. Since taking on Olympic lifting, her world has exploded! Sue has taken on motivational speaking opportunities to inspire other women, she is competing in the World Masters Games in New Zealand in April, she is training to become a Hungry for Happiness health coach, she is also working on her blog and contemplating a book!

In Sue’s own words:
I made the decision to say yes to any opportunity and possibilities that came my way. the confidence I have gained from lifting has lead me in new directions. I have started evolving into someone who speaks about embracing new things at any age and living with a fearless spirit. What many women are afraid of when they enter the gym is that people will judge you.
Well this is the attitude that I took right from the start:

1. The only person who knows the journey I am on is me.
2. Every day that I show up and work will be an improvement from yesterday even if it is small.
3. I Am ALWAYS A Work-In-Progress.
4. I have just as much right to be there as anyone else.

Step out of your comfort zone. You will be amazed how many people are there holding out a hand to help you!


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